X-boil Standard burner (no windscreen)


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X-Boil Standard on pieni spriipoltin, jota voi käyttää omien tuulisuoja- ja jalustaviritelmien kanssa. Polttimessa on täytteenä grafiittihuopaa, joka imee spriin. Sprii imeytyy huopaan, eikä valu maahan vaikka poltin kaatuisi. Erityisen kuivassa maastossa on lisäksi hyvä laittaa keittimen alle muutamaan kertaan taiteltu folionpala, jotta mikään ei syty keittimen alla.

X-boil Standard burner (no windscreen)

X-Boil Standard is a small alcohol burner that can be used with many types of pot holders and windscreens. The burner diameter is 55 mm.

  • You can use the burner with a graphite mat if you want safety, but you can also use the burner without it.
  • The burner lights up with the graphite mat much better in cold temperatures than without it. Because of this, you can use X-boil even in cold weather. This makes it a very nice stove for small winter use when you don’t have to melt large amounts of snow. In the winter, using a small plywood board under the stove prevents it from sinking in the snow.
  • You can use a ferrocerium rod to light the burner. Another trick is to dip a small stick in the fuel, light the stick and bring the flame in to the burner.
  • The X-Boil burner works well as a backup for wood stove and as a booster for Trangia in the winter. You can also burn Esbit cubes inside it (remove the graphite mat first).

Weight: 12g, of which 5 g is removable graphite mat.

Weight17 g


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