Evernew Water Carry 2000 ml


Weight: 42 g

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Evernew Water Carry is a good choice when you want to carry water from a stream to camp. A soft bottle is tiny when empty, but voluminous when needed.

We usually carry two bottles on our hikes in Nordic wilderness: One soda bottle, and this particular Evernew softbottle. We use the soda bottle for drinking directly from streams, and when in camp, we fill up the larger soft bottle. This way you can conveniently have a lot of water at camp.

Evernew Water Carry 2000 ml is a high quality soft bottle for hiking. It is made out of 3-ply leakproof polyethylene. Gusseted bottom allows it to stand on flat surface when full. Many useful details: the textured cap is attached so it can’t be lost, built in shock cord for storage and tapered middle section for easy grabbing.

  • Material: Food grade polyethylene, nylon
  • Antibacterial finish
  • Attached cap
  • Temperature range: -20 – +90 °C
  • Compressive strenght: 80 kg

Weight: 42 g

Size: 21 x 33 cm

Volume: 2000 ml

Made in Japan.

Tip: When empty, don’t fold the bottle, but slide it in your backpack close to your back. This way it takes up minimal space.

Tip 2: Use another bottle or a cup to fill the soft bottle from a slow-moving stream or pond

Weight42 g


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