Nitecore NU25


Nitecore NU25 is a legendary lightweight headlamp for outdoor activities. It offers excellent performance and features for its weight in Nordic three season conditions.

The lamp has 360 lumens and weighs just 28g with the battery, 53 g with the battery and headband. NU25 is a great choice for hikers, and is a common sight on the trail after dark.

Nitecore NU25

Nitecore NU25’s main source of light is a white light LED with four brightness levels. It also has auxiliary red and high CRI (Color Rendering Index) lights. The lamp is easy to operate with its two button interface.

The different brightness levels of the main light source can tackle all the situations in your normal three season hiking environment. In our experience the second lowest setting (38 lm) is sufficient for camp chores and hiking through the dusk. In this setting the lamp can operate for 8 hours. You can make do on the lowest setting (1 lm) in camp and the runtime bumps up to 160 hours. The second highest setting (190 lm) is good for trail running or night hiking. For emergency use there’s also a turbo setting (360 lm) with limited runtime.

Auxiliary red light is excellent for checking stuff in the middle of the night or if you wake up and have to answer nature’s call because red wavelengths of light don’t interfere with your ability to see in the dark or disrupt you from falling asleep. The high CRI light on the other hand mimics daylight and renders colors more accurately.

An excellent feature of the NU25 is that it can be recharged while using it. So if you are carrying a power bank such as Nitecore NPB1 or NB10000 you don’t need to worry about having breaks in order to recharge the batteries.

The headband of NU25 is definitely comfy but a bit overkill for a lamp this light. We recommend considering replacing the stock headband with a shock cord if you feel comfortable with modifying gear. Youtube has guides on how to do it, here’s one for example.

Technical details

  • Weight of the lamp (including batteries) is 28 g, with the headband 53 g
  • Max output 360 lm
  • Max beam distance 81 m
  • Max beam intensity 1650 cd
  • Max runtime 160 h
  • Orange peel (OP) reflector
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with micro USB port
  • Three light sources: white, auxiliary red, auxiliary high CRI
  • IP66 rated

Nitecore NU25 Specifications

Weight53 g

Black, Yellow


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