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NC10000 is a new 10 000 mAh power bank designed for hiking and other outdoor adventures from Nitecore that comes with an integrated LED lamp. Additional power is often needed because of the devices and gadgets that most of us carry in our backpack such as phone, camera, smart watch and headlamp.

Nitecore NC10000 provides a good amount of power in a small package but as a totally new feature it is integrated with a LED lamp. This is right up the ally of ultralight hiking’s ethos which includes multipurpose pieces of gear. Especially during the Nordic summers you can leave your spare headlamp at home because the LED in NC10000 is sufficient and simplify your kit as well as save weight.

Nitecore NC10000 Power Bank with a LED Light

Let’s face it, most of us carry some sort of electronic devices on our hikes even though part of the adventure is to get off the grid. Phone’s map app and GPS, camera, smart sports watch, headlamp, all of these need power and running out is at least annoying but in some cases may even pose a threat. Nitecore NC10000 is a weather resistant, compact and light solution to the power hunger of your backcountry devices. As a delightful bonus the integrated 50 lumen LED light allows you to skip bringing a spare lamp during the sunny seasons.

Construction of Nitecore NC10000 is sturdy and simple. There’s only one USB-C port and one power button for the integrated LED lamp. The 20 W USB-C port recharges your devices quickly and automatically identifies if a device uses a lower current for charging. NC10000 is fearless of wet and cold conditions thanks to IPX5 rated weather resistance performance. The capacity of this power bank is less than 100 Wh which makes it airline approved.

Nitecore NC10000’s power level is easy to see with the blue indicator lights that are constantly on. Safety measures are taken into account with overcurrent, short-circuit, over-discharge, overcharge, overvoltage and thermal protection safeguards.

Technical details

  • Weight 168,5 g ± 3 g
  • 2 x 21700 Li-ion batteries
  • Capacity 10 000 mAh 3,6V (36 Wh)
  • Input: USB-C: 5 V⎓2,4 A / 9 V⎓2 A
  • Output: USB-C: 5 V⎓3 A / 9 V⎓2,22 A / 12 V⎓1,68A
  • Dimensions 89 mm x 45,2 mm x 22,6 mm
  • Output of the LED lamp: 50 lm
  • Maximum runtime of the LED lamp: 30 h

Nitecore NC10000 Power Bank

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