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Nitecore NB20000 is the best 20 000 mAh power bank on the market right now. The capacity to weight ratio and quick charging make it stand out from the competition. If you use a lot of power for photography, long duration hikes or electronics, there is no better choice than NB20000. This is an excellent choice also for sharing power with a hiking group.

Using electronic devices on hikes is getting more an more common. Using your phone as a GPS and camera is commonplace, and many hikers are also carrying sports watches, USB headlamps, satellite communicators, drones and other power-hungry devices. If you want to capture perfect northern lights on a timelapse, make sure not to run out of battery!

Especially on longer hikes, a large power bank is a must have. Nitecore NB20000 guarantees enough power on longer expeditions and adventures.

In a recent hiking power bank comparison, NB20000 is the best in its category, and second overall after the smaller NB10000!

Nitecore NB20000 Power Bank

NB20000 is a 20 000 mAh power bank with excellent features and capacity considering the weight. In its category, NB2000 it the lightest choice with the 325 grams weight. This is made possible by the minimalistic construction and carbon fiber reinforced frame. Abundant capacity and low weight means high energy density of 237 mWh/g.

Nitecore NB20000 has multiple ports for input and output. Two USB-C (18 W and 45W) and two USB-A (18W) ports mean you can charge multiple devices at once, and this is even possible while charging the device from an outlet! The real superpower of NB20000 lies in its fast charging: with the 30W input you can charge it to 80% of capacity in two and half hours. This is significantly faster than normal power banks, and means you don’t have to wait next to the outlet on town stops for long.

The nominal power is under 100W, so you can take it aboard on an airplane.

Charging is easy to monitor with a five-step LED light. The power bank is protected from the elements with an IPX5 rating. Safety is well thought out with overcurrent, overcharging, overvoltage, short circuit and thermal protection.

When you know you need more power for your hikes, Nitecore NB20000 is the best possible choice. This is also our choice for travel, preparedness, photography and other activities requiring high power capacity.

Technical information:

  • Weight: 325 g
  • Li-ion cell
  • Capacity: 20 000 mAh 3,85 V (77 Wh)
  • Input
    • USB-C (INPUT): 5 V⎓2,4 A / 9 V⎓2 A / 12 V⎓1,5 A (18 W MAX)
    • USB-C (IN): 5 V⎓2,4 A / 9 V⎓3 A / 12 V⎓2,5 A / 15 V⎓2 A / 20 V⎓1,5 A (30 W MAX)
  • Output
    • USB-C (OUT1): 5 V⎓2,4 A / 9 V⎓3 A / 12 V⎓3 A / 15 V⎓3 A / 20 V⎓2,25 A (45 W MAX)
    • USB-A (OUT2/OUT3): 5 V⎓2,4 A / 9 V⎓2 A / 12 V⎓1,5 A
    • Multi ports: 5 V⎓3 A (MAX)
  • Dimensions: 136,3 mm × 60 mm × 21,4 mm
  • IPX5 rated
  • Included: USB-A/USB-C charging cable

Nitecore NB20000 Basic Specs

Nitecore NB20000 for Camping

Nitecore NB20000 Weight

Nitecore NB20000 Energy Density

Nitecore NB20000 Carbon Fiber Frame

Nitecore NB20000 PortsNitecore NB20000 Fast Input

Nitecore NB20000 Protection Safeguards

Weight325 g


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