Nalgene Medium Travel Kit


Weight: 165 g

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One of the core principles of ultralight hiking is repacking consumables in smaller containers. This means you don’t carry a large olive oil bottle or family-size toothpaste to the woods. Nalgene Travel kits are a convenient way to take liquids on a hike.

These bottles have been also our own solution for carrying liquids. The bottle caps have never leaked, so we can vouch for the quality. You can use the bottles to carry cooking oil, soy sauce, sriracha, spices, contact lens solution, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, cosmetics, zinc ointment and alcohol for your ultralight stove.

Nalgene Medium Travel Kit is a light and leakproof solution for carrying liquids on the trail. The bottles are just the right size and there are many liquids you can use these for.

The bottles are BPA free and food safe. You can also machine wash them. They work in temperatures ranging -100°C – 120°C. The material is tough HDPE. Do not forget that Nalgene Travel Kit works just as well in air travel, not only on trail!

Medium Travel Kit contains the following bottles:

  • Red cap 30 ml
  • Blue cap 60 ml
  • Green cap 120 ml
  • Two clear bottles 120 ml
  • Square clear bottle 60 ml
  • Mini jar 60 ml
  • Micro jar 30 ml
  • Two squirt caps that you can use e.g. for rationing fuel to an alcohol stove.

Weight:Total weight of all bottles is 165 grams, separate bottles weigh 20 grams on average.



Weight165 g


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