Lawson Equipment Guywire 2mm


Weight: 55 g

Lawson Equipment Reflective Glowire is a high quality cord made from best yarns in the world. These are made almost by hand in Lawson’s small braiding workshop. This means that the quality is very good.

Guywire is the same product as Glowire, but without the reflective yearns. Guywire suits for hikers who don’t need the reflective property, or wish to keep their campsite stealthy.

Guywire is made to be extremely reflective, strong, low stretch, and tangle resistant.

Length: 15,2 m

Lawson Equipment Guywire

Guywire is designed to be very strong, reflective and tangle-free. The design philosophy was to create a cord that is not only strong, but light and strong. Additionally, Guywire is pleasant to tie and untie, and the guylines will not be a tangled mess after packing the tarp. The knots stay put well, and opening them does not take herculean efforts.

Guywire has little stretch to it. You won’t end up with a stretched and deformed guyline like often happens with paracord.

High Tenacity Polyester Jacket w/ High Tenacity Parallel Fiber Core. Jacket and Core Melt Together.


  • Strong
  • Light
  • UV-resistant
  • Low memory

Length: 15,2 m

Size: 2mm, Weight: 3.64 g/m,  Avg. Break Strength: 250 lbs (1.11kN)
Made in the USA.

Guide to Lawson Equipment cordage:

Reflective Glowire: Best guyline choice for most. Reflects and prevents tripping on guylines. If in doubt, choose Glowire, you will not be dissapointed.

Guywire: Same as Glowire but without the reflective yarns. Choose this, if you want stealth over convenience.

Ironwire: Robust ultra-premium cordage with dyneema core. Choose this, if you want the best cordage money can buy, or if you are planning a trip to regions with strong storms.

Weight55 g

Black, Yellow


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