Evernew Miyama Kogatana


Weight: 12 g

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Miyama Kogatana is a small hocho knife or “mini katana” from Evernew. It is a useful ultralight knife for hiking. The handle is designed so that you can wrap paracord or high quality guyline around it. The weight is mere 12 grams. A lightweight sheath is included in the price.

Miyama Kogatana suits for opening food packages, cutting cheese, opening small fish and small carving tasks. It is one of the highest quality knives in its kategory.

Evernew Miyama Kogatana is an ultralight knife from Evernew. It is a high quality choice when a large knife is unnecessary.

Evernew tells a story about designing the knife: “We asked a knifesmith from famous Seki knifemaking area what you could do with Miyama Kogatana. He replied: you can use it to peel fruit such as pears, cut onions, use it to pick mushrooms, cut sausage, do what you do with a kitchen knife at home. Miyama Kogatana has the performance of a pocket knife but with a fixed blade”.

  • Fixed blade construction
  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean, no small nooks to gather dirt
  • Easy to touch up
  • Ultralight and compact

Weight: 12 g


Weight12 g


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