Evernew DX Stove Set


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3-in-1 multifuel stove from ultralight titanium!

Evernew DX stove is a titanium stove that you can use with alcohol, wood or Esbit tablets. It is handy when you want to enjoy the coziness of wood stove, but also keep with you an alcohol stove for the rainstorm. With DX stove you can use sticks to save on fuel weight, but you have the choice of other fuels if you just want to get water boiling fast.

DX Stove Set is made of strong titanium, so it will last many years.

Evernew DX Stove Set

DX Stove Set brings atmosphere and multi-fuel functionality to ultralight camp cooking. Use as a wood stove when you have fire materials, and switch to alcohol stove when you want to have your food fast. DX Stove Set includes a titanium alcohol stove. You can nest all the pieces in a nice compact package.

Evernew DX set has a powerful alcohol stove, and it boils water fast when compared to many other alcohol stoves. With the included Power Plate, DX Stove becomes a real flamethrower, with superfast boil times. You can also use the alcohol stove without the Power Plate to save a few grams of fuel. Because of the Power Plate, the DX is a good alcohol stove choice for wintery conditions.


  • Titanium Alcohol stove EBY255, with included glass fiber core for fast priming
  • Stove base
  • Wind screen
  • Power Plate that increases stove speed especially on cold weather. Used as a bottom grate in the wood stove and Esbit modes

Weight: 86 g

Material: Titanium

Made in Japan

Evernew DX Stove works with all pots and pans, but we recommend Evernew Mug Pots as they have a bottom groove specifically designed to fit the DX Stove.

Weight86 g


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