Farlite gift guide 2022

Christmas is coming! Thinking about a gift for a family member who likes hiking? Farlite gift guide helps!

Buying a gift from us is easy – all our products are carefully selected. All the products we stock are the best in their class. You will find a gift that brings joy to even the pickiest hiker.  Give a gift of light step for the hiker you love!

If you can’t decide, you can also get a gift card from us with your own amount and a message – just e-mail us at info@farlite.fi.

Less than 20 euros

A hiking spoon is a good little gift for a hiker, because they tend to always get lost. If you know that the recipient has broken several plastic spoons, give them a more durable spoon as a gift. Our favorite is the Sea to Summit Alphalight Spoon Long, which has premium packaging and a carabiner to hang the spoon. The titanium Toaks spoon with polished bowl is another impressive and durable small gift!

A small knife is always a good gift. Opinel’s folding knives are our favorite for ultra-light trips, and also for summer picnics. We recommend the Opinel #7 Carbone, which is a good sized and beautiful knife. Opinel has been making knives since 1890, so these won’t go out of style right away.

For coffee drinkers, we recommend Soto’s Helix Coffee Maker. It makes pour-over coffee directly into the mug. This is perhaps the lightest way to get the right cup of coffee on a trip. What better way to start a hiking day! 

Is the recipient a tinkerer or a trail MacGyver? Sea to Summit’s Stretch-Loc Straps work in trickiest situations, and belong in every repair kit. These are the best way to repair shoes, bindings, ski boots and paddles. The longer model is the most versatile.

A good gift for every hiker out there is an Evernew soft bottle . We say this because we take it with us on each of our own hiking journeys. The soft bottle takes in a large volume of water when full, but disappears into the backpack when empty. These are also very durable!

Also smaller bottles are needed on every hike. In the Nalgene Travel Kit , things like alcohol, cooking oil, soy sauce, sriracha, spices, contact lens liquid, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, cosmetics can be easily transported. The bottles are guaranteed not to leak. A good gift for a hiker – you can never have too many of these!

Weight: 15g
Weight: 19g
Weight: 12g
Weight: 18g
Weight: 36g
Out of stock
Weight: 46g

Bottles and containers

Evernew Water Carry 2000 ml

Weight: 42g

20-50 euros

Socks are often given as a Christmas present. How about the best socks in the world? Darn Tough socks routinely win hiking sock reviews. The socks also have a lifetime guarantee – if they break, you get a replacement pair! Darn Tough hiking socks are available for men and women . This is a great example of a gift for a hiker that can’t go wrong!

Does the gift recipient still try to sleep with a sweater as a pillow? Modern travel pillows weigh almost nothing. A hiking pillow is an excellent gift for hikers!  The Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight is our favorite, and so are many others. Large size is also available for tall people.

A headlamp as a gift? The new Nitecore NU25 UL is a coveted headlamp, and the first batch we received quickly sold out upon release. We will receive a new batch in the second half of December, so take notice!

Weight: 68g
Weight: 56g

Headlamps & Power Banks

Nitecore NU25 UL

Weight: 45g

50-70 euros

It’s easy to start with the first recommendation in this price category: if a hiker does not have a Nitecore NB10000 power bank, she’s already in the minority. This power bank is so popular that it is in pretty much everyone’s backpacks. Why? Its weight-to-capacity ratio is so good that competitors can’t even come close.

Do you want to give a hiker a gift that is a first-class design item that lasts year after year? Choose the Japanese Everew titanium pot . This titanium pot is so popular with uncompromising long-distance hikers that it has earned its reputation as the world’s best hiking pot for good reason. It will be a durable and enjoyable travel companion for many years to come. The 900ml size is best for most people.

Trekking poles are needed for both short and long trips. Fizan Compact 3 poles are special in that they are not only affordable, but also good. These poles have been used on several super long hikes and on climbs to Everest and K2. These are poles with an excellent price-quality ratio and will last for a long time!

Trekking poles

Fizan Compact 3

Weight: 158g
Weight: 115g

Headlamps & Power Banks

Nitecore NB10000 Gen 2

Weight: 150g

Over 70 euros

The best camp stove as a gift? Soto Windmaster works even in the wind, and is light and reliable. Windmaster is almost always at the top of the tests or the winner, and has earned, for example, Outdoorgearlab’s “Best Overall Backpacking Stove” and Backpackinlight.com’s “Highly recommended” accolades.

Alcohol stove 2.0? Evernew DX Stove Set is a 3-in-1 multifunction stove that functions as an alcohol, wood and Esbit stove. With the DX stove you can cook with versatility, efficiency, and above all light weight – after all, the stove is made of titanium.

Something soft as a gift? It’s no secret that our favorite shirt is the Montane Allez Micro, and many other hikers vouch for it as well. Why? It has just the right amount of warmth for most hiking conditions. In addition, even a soaked shirt dries in no time, and it never feels damp. These very popular shirts are available for men and women .

The Northern Lite Rain Skirt is an ingenious invention that works well in Nordic humid weather. It can be pulled on with shoes on, something that is difficult with shell pants. The skirt fits in a pocket, so it can also be used when out and about. The rain skirt is easy to take off when the rain stops or is intermittent.

Weight: 87g
Weight: 60g
Weight: 145g
Weight: 175g